hi all, haven't been here in a while but if you all remember, my last post was when i just started the fl hosp col health science CRNA prog last year about this time.. i am now officially on my second year and wow what a year it was !! first two sem was hectic, all didactics and it was like test and papers left and right, third sem is when i started clinicals at fl hosp which was last sept 2009 and so far I AM LOVING IT.. for all those who are in the didactic part and who haven's "tasted" clinicals yet, i just wanted to say it will get better; it comes to a point along the way where it just "clicks" and you say to your self, "i love what i'm doing", and this is what i feel right now =) .. the first few months will be kinda nerve racking but each and everyday you develop a comfort level little by little .. just hang in there everyone, we're all in this together .. im at the kidney stone center as part of my rotation so lots of LMA's, i love it, i will be starting my specialty rotation march in OB .. thanks all