I'm currently on my way to becoming an RN, I apply to my school's (South Dakota State University) program next September, and have high hopes of getting in on my first shot.
Anyway, the whole reason I have decided to become an RN is because I want to be a CRNA, and I'm thoroughly in love with the idea. What are Anesthetist schools looking for? What's the ideal GPA? I was told that before I get my degree I should retake any classes I got B's in and aim for A's-is that true? I'm an A-B student, with my only C being in an Algebra class. Do Anesthetist schools consider any types of experience (besides ICU experience, being a requirement), such as shadowing or something? Do college extracurricular’s help at all? Also, is a test taken before you can be accepted (i.e. you take the LSAT before you can get into Law school)? Anyone have any tips for how I can best prepare myself for CRNA school, and what to shoot for grade wise? I'm very serious about this and want to "up" my chances the best I can, and prepare myself!