I have a question about whether I should even be considering CRNA as my future profession. Here is my problem:

I will be graduating with my BSc with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0, I know this is a horrible average but a reason for my defense, albeit not a good one, I was just so happy to be accepted to the University of Toronto and i just cruised through my undergraduate career without a care in the world. Realizing now of the consequences of my actions, I was wondering what are my chances of getting into CRNA school when I start anew next year in BScN?

I have another set of questions, if you could answer them too.

1) will my former undergraduate GPA at U of T affect my chances of getting into CRNA school even if my BScN GPA will be 3.5 or higher? Will my two undergraduate GPA's be combined? Will they only consider my BScN GPA?

2) Since I am a canadian, do I still have to write the GRE?

I know that I am in a very bad position, but I now know where my obligations are now and I will put my best foot forward in this nursing profession but I want to know whether my dreams of being a CRNA will always be a fantasy. Please give your best direct and honest answer, I want them to be realistic as they can be, also if you could give me advice.

Thank you for your time.