Brilliant precepting CRNA, but with every answer to his pimp questions he comes back with, "But why?" or they're crazy hard or silly simple:
1)What must you have in the room prior to induction for a known mediastinal mass? (i went thru the whole difficult airway algorithym)
answer: Bypass Machine.

2)Why is the stop time important on your anesthetic record? (i'm thinking duration of action of last med admin, phys stuff)
answer: Joint Commission requires complete paperwork!

3)What is the pressure required to lift the unidirectional valve that an infant must overcome? (no clue--looked it up & after 10 references)
answer: 2-4 cm H20 required to lift the weighted valve.

Here's 2 I must have by Tuesday morning:

1) Why do Opioids cause Miosis? (go beyond mu receptors...)

2) Why do you keep an intubated infant on the vent the entire case and not let them spont breathe? (go beyond poor compliance, incr rate O2 consumption, decr FRC, incr RR/WOB, poor hypercapneac & hypoxic drive)

...the winner gets a six-pack of virtual beer (if you are of legal drinking age, of course!)