Wanted to do this poll for a long time. Would LOVE to hear about everyone's kids and any stories that you would like to share.

I had to study in complete silence. I would often get distracted and frustrated when I could hear my kids yelling, playing, fighting or what-have-you whenever I was struggling with the material I was studying. Several times a day, I would barge out of my room and get onto my kids for being so loud. It got to a point where everytime I would open the door, I could hear my kids get suddenly quiet, even if I was just coming out to spend a little time with them. I realized they were scared I was gonna yell, and it broke my heart that it came to these types of reactions from the ones I loved the most.

It was a very hard road for me, even past the didactic phase on into the clinical phase.

Yesterday, as I was leaving to go take my boards, I asked my 8 year old, Logan to pray for me. He was still asleep in bed, trying hard to wake up, but at this moment, he said the most comforting prayer I think I had ever heard. In fact, I took all my "last second" study material, stuff I was gonna look at in the parking lot before I walked in, and put it back into my room, and went on my way with just my identification required to get into the testing center. I've never felt calmer. I walked into the center, sat down, and each question seemed relatively easier than what I was accustomed to in school.

I got the preliminary pass results soon after. When I got home, my 4 year old girl, Mallory asked, "Daddy, did you pass your test?"

I said, "Yes I did."

She started waving her fists in the air, jumping up and down, doing a cheer, and in one of the most excited voices I've ever heard her say, "YEAH, YOU PASSED!! MY DADDY PASSED!! NOW HE CAN PLAY BARBIE WITH ME!!"

Yesterday, made all the heartache totally worth it!

So, I am curious, how many people had kids going in, single/married, etc. I have read lots of posts from people asking if they can do it (single parents) and I hope I made a post that will reveal something to those who have similar questions about pursuing crna school.