So I'm putting together a presentation for my local high school's career day about CRNAs. Trying to help educate the youngins on who we are and what we do (I know I'm not officially a CRNA yet, but it's coming) Anytime I tell my old classmates what I'm doing, they respond with you're gonna be an anesthesiologist? Which leads to a discussion on CRNAs. The fact is that a lot of people have never heard of it unless they are in medicine. I never heard of it until I got into nursing school. So anyway my plan is to try and expose some of the locals and even if they don't think they want to be CRNAs, maybe it'll expose some of the males to nursing in general. So far here's my presentation:
1. A brief history on anesthesia
2. Educational requirements
3. ICU nursing
4. CRNA programs
5. types of practice; independent/act
6. a link to this website for additional info

Anything I'm leaving out or you feel needs to be included?