I am looking for some advice from current SRNA's or CRNA's that have been students at Texas Wesleyan University or Mount Marty College. I applied to both of these schools not really thinking that I would ever have to choose between them, since this is my first year of applying with 2 yrs of critical care experience. However, I was accepted to TWU's program (on the spot at the interview, which blew me away) with my 1st choice of clinical in Bismarck, ND. Being accepted in this manner made me feel like the offer was too good to be true, even though at the same time I feel very lucky to be accepted. I am originally from this area, yet moved away to practice at a large teaching hospital. For TWU, I am required send my acceptance letter and $500 deposit by Feb 12. Just the other day, however, I interviewed at Mount Marty College, did feel like this school maybe a better fit for me because of the smaller class size (37). It is my understanding the TWU graduates 100+ students per year. Now, I have not been accepted into MM's program, but do think it would be a good idea to have my mind made up between the better choice for me, should I be accepted. The costs between these two programs are about the same, however, I would have to budget travel to Fort Worth for 2-3 times during TWU's program. Yet, I would have some clinicals outside my primary clinical site for MM as well. I feel like it would be easier for me to adjust to TWU's program because I am familiar with the hospital, the area, and my immediate family lives there. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this decision. I am looking for information on which program would offer the better clinicals to help to best prepare me for practice, but there are so many other factors to be attuned to. Any advice from those who have been where I stand would be greatly appreciated!