Ugh, I need some help here. My husband and I have hashed and rehashed this, and I need someone's input who is not immediately involved. When I first decided to apply to anesthesia programs, I right away chose the school that would be my #1 pick if given the option. This school is less expensive, has clinicals in my hometown, easier to find housing, has face to face classes, and is an integrated program.

Now that I know a little bit more about the whole process...I am leaning toward the other school because I feel like I would have a better clinical experience there, ie, less competition for cases and the CRNA's practice more independently in that hospital. BUT it's more expensive, harder to find housing, no clinicals in my hometown, and it is a satellite learning program.

Do I go to the school where I think I would have the best clinical experience? Or do I choose the school that would be easiest for my family, cheaper, and possibly get my foot in the door at my hometown hospital?!