When I interviewed for my unit, my boss asked for a 2year minimum commitment. I told him "sure no problem" in order to get the job, but I'd already been a nurse a year and my real intention in working there was to get more experience to increase chances of getting into CRNA school. I got 5 weeks of orientation to the unit (was supposed to have 8 but got taken off early due to staffing), and when I leave in May I will have been "productive" for about 7 months.

My boss has no idea I even applied to CRNA school, and now I've been accepted and will be starting this summer. I am planning on telling him at the very beginning of March to give him time to find a replacement, but I am worried that this notice will create tension at work considering I'm sure he will feel betrayed because I agreed to 2 years.

How should I break the news to him that I am leaving for CRNA school? Is there anything I can do to "soften the blow"?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!