:Flush: I got the letter yesterday that I didn't get in to TWU like I very badly wanted! I'm very upset and sad because I really thought I had a chance!

It is so disappointing! Does anyone know how it works like if a lot of people were to turn down their slots? Would they by like some miracle call me and offer me their spot? I'm just trying to hold on to anything!

I mean I really don't know how it would work if say they had a lot of people turn down their offered spots? Would they just have a really small class, or would they offer to some that had been declined?

I'm just really sad right now. I know I can just continue to work and get experience and try again next year, but I just put everything I had into this year! I'm even thinking of applying to other schools that don't start until January to see if I can just get in there! I want it so bad that I might just pick up and move my family!

I don't know, I'm just really bummed right now! Thanks for listening.