Wanted to get thoughts about these 2 programs... I've been accepted to both for Fall 2010. I am very much undecided about which one to choose. From what i understand, UNCC does most of their clinical rotations at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte. I am afraid i would only learn one way of doing anesthesia, that being the "Carolina Medical Center" way of anesthesia. As a former travel nurse, i realized there were so many different ways of doing things...depending on where you were. I just want to be a well rounded anesthesia provider!

In contrast, MUSC requires you to travel throughout the state to do clinical rotations. Having a wife as I do though , traveling could make it even more difficult since i would be away much of my 2nd year for several days at a time.( knowing that i will be away enough as it is due to studying and class time my first year). I think MUSC would expose me to many different anesthesia providers thus showing me many different ways of providing anesthesia. MUSC also has a higher pass rate on boards, but both programs have a high pass rate, so not sure how much this matters.

Sorry for the long post...its a big decision for me! hopefully i have not misspoke about either program. feel free to correct me