Hello there, I am trying to find some info about how the folks who interviewed at UT Houston felt that the interviews went. In order to ask the question, I think I should be honest about my opinion and experience,so here goes. I liked the interview, felt that the folks on the interview panel were very nice, and didn't try to fillet me like a prize fish. That being said, I found the questions that were asked to be very difficult to adequately answer. Over all, I just wanted to "survive" without totally humiliating myself. I am not sure if I accomplished this goal. I would say that they tapped me for all the knowledge that I have and I felt quite lacking after the interview.

I hope that you all felt better than this, and I would be interested to know how you percieved your performance. If you have already gotten in to a program, how did you feel about your interview at that program?

Good luck to you all, I hope you did great and get an acceptance to the school that you want to go, and if you still have a few interviews left, good luck at them.