I wanted to post a question here because I havent been able to find much information about Southern Illinois University Edwardsville CRNA program. At least I havent been able to find much from actual students from there. How do you like it? Do you have a strong clinical experience in hearts and neuro anesthesia? How about central line and regional techniques? This is probably my number one school due to convenience reasons but the other day I heard that they have had trouble in the past in regards to keeping directors and that students "got out what you put into it". Of course that statement is true anywhere but they certainly did not mean it as a compliment. Another slight concern I have is that it appears based on their website that there is no actual anesthesia specific classes for an entire year. Do you find that to be a weakness of the program or not? Does the program have have a strong emphasis in the hard sciences or more of an MSN approach to the didactic portion? So fill me please, how is it??? Thanks so much!