I was away from the site for few days, schwooo-----what did I miss????

There were two, IMO, great threads, that got closed because of controversy (BTW Mike, I totally agree with your decision to close the threads, for what my opinion is worth [probably damned little]).

Why were these threads closed, because MilitaryMD and Deepz were having a pissing contest? GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! You both had (IMO) valid points. But (again IMO) you both chose to take the CRNA vs MDA (Us Vs. Them) route, VERY SAD…………..

If I could still post on the threads I would Bitch Slap both of you!!!!

This site is about providing the best anesthesia care possible, you guys managed to take it down to the base argument (CRNA vs MDA). I was very sorry to see that.

I have come to enjoy, and respect, the posts by both of you, please don’t make me regret that decision…...


P.S. I realize that I am calling you both out…………I’m good with that. Re-reading the threads, you both f‘d up (again, JMO)