Yesterday did esophagogastrectomy on pt. with history of stroke 5 years ago. Has residual Left sided weakness, walks with a cane. The case required a large midline abdominal incision all the way up to the xiphoid process. Was not thoracotomy/oscopy. Was approached upper by large neck incision like a large carotid incision.

Anesthesiologist I was with said "no epidural" prior to me walking in to pre-op patient. When I asked "why not", he stated "because he has had a previous stroke and has weakness on his left side." I understand that he may not need the epidural when he begins to start walking around for greater risk of falling, but what is the reason for no epidural until that time comes.

He didn't have a good explanation except "thats just how I trained."
Any clarification would be great.

Is this your practice? Why? Why not?