this is my first post ever on any sort of medical board. I was doing some research into becoming a crna and what it would entitle of me and came across this site. I am hoping that all your knowledge can help me on my path.

history on me... I am 26, dropped out of high school at age 17, got my ged at 25, and now i am enrolled in junior college to get my AA and hopefully transfer into a RN program, and then continue on to be a CRNA. My passion is L&D or NICU, And this is my goal job, so i want my schooling to prepare me for this as much as possible to help make it a touch easier to receive it.

I hope you dont mind me picking around here abit to help grown my knowledge too! I know i am in the begining stages, but i am very determined, and hope to keep all my grades between 3.5- 4.0 to help any of my chances.

My question is....
Should i take any special classes or focus' while schooling that can help pay off in that career, or just all the basics will be fine? Or is there any classes that i can take out side of the RN required classes that can help me get accepted to a CRNA program, or look better on my transcripts? Or is it mainly determined on what hands on experiance you have?

TIA to everyone that helps me out! thanks!