I was accepted into Barry University and University of Miami and am having trouble deciding which to attend!! :2in1: Both have very high board pass rates, students seemed happy with schools. I would greatly appreciate any input/advice/knowledge/personal experience!!!

- starts Jan 2011 but can take a couple classes summer/fall 2010 to lighten load, I would have to take a chem lab at home this summer to fullfill chem requirement prior to enrollment
- tuition $43,000, +fees which are not included in tuition
- internet based distance learning classrooms for coursework (not quite sure how I feel about that versus actually going to class)
- would go to clinical site in Tampa or Broward
- program established in 1993, long history of success

- starts Aug 2010, no classes offered in advance (officially start and graduate 6 months before than if go to Barry). I don't need any additional classes in order to enroll.
- tuition + fees = $58,000
-classes in-person, 30 students/year max
- program established in last few years but has recently been accredited for 10 years
-clincals primarily at Jackson Memorial, UM hospital, VA and other sites
- concerned about cost of living/traffic

Help!! Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!! =)