I guess that I am ready for the next phase of my life and just want a change before I have to change my life again to student. Ok so I just got an offer at a surgical center in a large level 1 trauma center in a major city. I have been an ICU nurse for 15 years and planning now to start applying to anesthesia school. I currently work at another well know level 1 trauma center in the medical ICU. I have been there about 7 months and I have to say it is ok but I work weekends only. During my interview (I moved from NY to TX) the manager told me that I would not be on the weekends long because a day shift position would be available pretty quick. It looks like there are in fact 8 people ahead of me and the turn over is not that quick. I hate working every weekend! I have been here and done this when my children were young and now they are adults. Any who, the surg center job is 5 days a week, more money and no weekends or holidays. I would stay prn in the ICU. My question is when I apply to school will my move be frowned upon and how should I handle the LOR from manager?

Any feedback would be appreciated!!