Hi all,

Happy new year. I'm a critical care RN currently working in a large teaching hospital in Canada. I obviously want to become a CRNA... The first step will involve moving from here to the US.

There are many choices as to where to practice in the US. I have a few criteria when selecting where to move:

1. The City must have a large well-known/highly rated teaching hospital(s).
2. Bigger city w/ universities/colleges (I'll need to do some remedial/upgrading course work prior to applying to CRNA school)
3. Good pay/high demand for critical care RNs. (I'll need a good income to afford tuition for academic upgrading).
4. Reasonable weather conditions (Its -30 degrees C here at the moment... it would be nice to move to a milder climate!)

From talking to some co-workers up here, it seems as though San Francisco would be a great place to practice and build up my credentials prior to applying to CRNA school. San Fran has several good universities for academic upgrading, many good hospitals, and I've heard there's a strong demand for qualified ICU nurses. This leads to a good salary, which I've heard is somewhat nullified by the high cost of living. San Fran also has a mild climate.

In addition, my gf (soon to be fiance) models professionally on a part time basis, and she would be close to LA and other areas in So Cal where there are many modeling opportunities.

Therefore, based on all these considerations I'm strongly leaning towards San Francisco as the place to move.

Am I correct in picking San Francisco? Are there any better locations that anyone can suggest? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.