Hi all! This site is awesome and filled with great information for all who are aspiring to become CRNA. I am in need of some advice regarding whether I should try to take a continue to study to for the GRE to apply to schools for 2011. A little hx: I got my ADN in 1994 and at the time I just wanted to get out of school and get out of my bad marriage. I took chem 1 with final grade of c and chem 2 A. I just completed my BSN 5/2009 with all A's final cum GPA 3.2. I recently moved from NY to TX and feel that I am ready to apply to CRNA school with the exception that my chem1 grade was c and it is > than 10 years. I realize that I need to retake it but I have been studying for the GRE for the last month or so and scheduled Kaplan 2/10. Dilemma- should I abort GRE and sign up for chem class at a local jr college (out of state tuition) or take the GRE in March as planned and pursue online chem class later. I really want to do well in both and feel that I should give my undivided attention to one or the other and I work full time which is my other job (studying for the GRE is a full time job as well). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!