Hi everyone! Well, I finally begin a new job in CCU (coronary care unit) as my 1st step to beginning my journey in pursuing a career as a CRNA. I start classes for BSN in a few wks. I'm very excited & just a tad nervous! I've never worked in an ICU... Med surg & hospice for the past 4 yrs. I plan on having my BSN in 1.5 yrs & spending @ least 2 yrs in the ICU. I know I need to get my CCRN, keep up my gpa (ADN gpa 3.73), do some shadowing... Any advice on what to specifically "absorb" while in the CCU that'll help me later on, as far as inerviews & what not??? I want to learn as much as possible & truly be a great icu nurse, not just get the req. experience. This is a great forum & I'm glad I found it. This has helped me set goals to work towards & I appreciate all the advice anyone has to offer! Thanks!