So Baylor emailed out their invites yesterday for their interviews on Jan 29, and Feb 1. I'm so excited! Can anyone who has previously had an interview with Baylor in the past couple of years give me any tips or tell me how the interview was, and if anyone else is interviewing, let me know! I'm from Baton Rouge, LA and don't know anyone else from my area that applied there. It says it starts at 0730 and lasts all day until 5:30 pm when the social with students is over. That seems long!

Any input would be helpful!!

I have three interviews at other schools in the next week and a half and I am getting really nervous!!!! Wish me luck! (Hopefully by the time I get to Baylor's i'll be a pro because I'll have 3 under my belt!) I've been studying clinical info and doing practice questions so hopefully I'll be as prepared as I can be.