My job position at work has recently changed. I was set to work 6 month rotations in ICU at 3 different hospitals in town that are owned by the same company. Sort of an "internal travel nurse," if you will. Well, this position has been revised to now make everyone who works as an internal travel nurse is now automatically float pool. ICU is my specality, and I have 8 yrs ICU experience, so I will get floated to ICU if there is a need, however if ICU staffing is ok, then I get floated to tele. Do you think this will hurt my chances of getting accepted to CRNA school when I apply in June? Lately it seems as though I'm only going to tele. Do you think this could be a problem in the interview. On the positive side, I have experience in all types of ICU, so staffing knows that I am very flexible, and very experienced. Am I just worrying too much?!