Hello all,
I'm a newer grad RN (about a year in CVICU) and would like some advice on applying to CRNA school in the future. I have a BS in healthcare administration (3.5 GPA) and an ADN (3.2) through a Paramedic to RN program. Science GPA 3.5 (Micro, A&P, Pharm). I have been a medic for 10 years, flew for 5 with a respectable program on the east coast. I'm not in a rush to apply for CRNA schools but I'd like to start slowly working toward it (CCRN, GRE, Pre-reqs and most of all experience).
My dilema is that can't decide whether to spend my time and money on hard science pre-reqs and concentrate on applying to the schools who may accept my undergrad degree or pony up the extra cash on a BSN? Are there any folks out there who were able to gain admission with a non hard science major? Or should I just swallow hard and accept that this is all part of the experience?

Thanks is advance,