Hey guys,
I'm a student nurse considering CRNA school, and yes I know what you have to do to get in (I've done extensive research on becoming a CRNA). I've seen many cases in the O.R. with CRNAs, and I'm doing my preceptorship for nursing school in the CVICU. A question I've never asked a CRNA, b/c its pretty embarrassing is about having IBS and working as a CRNA. I know once you start a case you just can run to the jon for 5 minutes and leave your patient high and dry. So does anyone have any advice as to how they manage or deal with IBS? Will this greatly impact my career when and if I get into CRNA school?
Yes I've seen my doc about this condition and the only help is with imodium and its not that great.

Thanks for the advice! :Flush: