What is more important for acceptance to CRNA school in a BSN program; name recognition/prestige of school or grades? I'm trying to finalize my decision on which BSN program to attend and how it relates to acceptance to CRNA school. I have a BS degree in business and a AASN in Nursing. I will start a BSN Summer of 2010. I've narrowed the choice down to two schools. One is more nationally known (more prestige) but will take a lot of work to complete in one year and may be harder to get a 4.0. The other program has less name recognition but is structured more favorably for my work and family's schedule that should help me get better grades and finish in one year. Don't get me wrong I'm not afraid of working hard I just want to be smart about the direction that I take. I maybe reading more into the decision then is necessary. I know that CRNA school admission is very competitive and I want to be an exceptional applicant when the time comes.