I have wanted to attend CRNA school for a long time my best friends Mother was one before she retired and I always loved the lifestyle she was able to afford for her family as a single mom, she was always talking about her work and she loved it. I have been a Sports massage therapist and Personal Trainer for years and I decided after dreaming about this career for so long I am going to Nursing school and attain my dream of becoming a CRNA. I took a job as a Tech in a critical care unit in a level one trauma center and I have also attained a Mentor who is a Chief CRNA, but I noticed at work there are NP's who ask since you have so much experience in owning your own practice becoming a NP would make so much sense cause you can offre this service to your clients, I thought wow this is true and I really like educating people about taking care of themselves and the Dibetes educator really appeals to me since I am a fitness trainer it's a great match, BUT I have always wanted to be a CRNA and I find myself somewhat conflicted now! I discussed this with my mentor and she says I should do what many of her co-workers have done become a FNP and then later ad on CRNA it would give me a greater scope of practice and I would be able to offer so much to my clients and to open a amazing practice. But my question is this aren't there CRNA's who open practices just being a CRNA? Or is this a totally different animal? The FNP then CRNA does sound interesting I guess it's not different than those who choose to go on the medical School I just get the great benefit of being employed thorughout my career ladder! I am willing to do this and I have met four CRNA's who were FNP's first and then later went to CRNA school I was surprised by this! Is anyone familiar with this? Or does this seem like a silly waste of time. I am a MOm of two I would like to do some travel Nursing during the summers and I can take NP courses online at my Local University and only have to be in class for clinicals which is held during the fall so I could Travel Nurse during the summer, I could then build my NP practice and combine what I already do then I could attend CRNA school I think It would allow me to have enough money to pay for my education w/o loans out the rear. Any advice would be so appreciated. I think I have tought about this so much Im confusing myself. Some other clear input would be great! Thank You!