So first of all, some background:

I've been following these forums for years and only now have I been confident enough to post. I recently graduated with my BSN in May of this year and have my BLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC. My goal- CRNA school, anywhere as soon as possible.

I have researched many different schools and am pretty familiar with the requirements. Currently, I have a 3.77 Nursing school GPA- better with prerequisite grades factored in. I still have to take physics and chemistry as well as the GREs.

My problem is where to start. I haven't been able to find a new grad program in the ICU with the market for new grads being so horrible! I do have several offers though: (1) tele in a magnet hospital, (2) NICU at Kaiser- the largest employer of CRNAs in the state of Hawaii, (3) ER at Kaiser, (4) Surgicenter at Kaiser, and (5) tele at Kaiser. I am seriously at a crossroad and don't know which direction is best...

PLEASE help me. ER seems to be a good fit for my personality, but NICU seems like the most logical choice. I've been told that hospitals don't make much of a difference, although magnet status is respectable.