I am an adult nursing student (44) who is finishing up the med-surg semester of nursing school. I took Chem I and Lab this semester and did not do well at all. It was a very busy semester for nursing as well as working and a family. On top of that, Chemistry is very hard for me. I did receive A's in the 2 Chemistry classes we had to take for our prerequisites to get into nursing school. The class I took this semester is the weed out course for the pre-med/pharm students. Our school has a 68% fail rate in this class. My question is this - if I retake the course and do well, how do CRNA schools look at this? Also, this is at a university - if I take it at a community college and do well, will they look less on that because I couldn't do it at the university? Or would I be better looking at UNE to take the courses (although there I have enough chem to take organic)? I had a 3.73 GPA going into this semester and will come out of it with a 3.68 thanks to these classes and a B in med surg. At the university, they will replace my low grade with the better grade and will not appear on my GPA, but is still on my transcript.

I will do whatever I need to do - just wanted to ask here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.