Hi all - I love the site, full of great info. I've been lurking for months and learned lots.

My question: I have my first rejection I emailed the PD to find out how to improve; I'm just waiting to hear back. I have another app out and am waiting to hear if I will receive an interview. I am planning my attack for next year and will apply to more schools for Fall 2011.

I have a BSN and BA in psychology. My cumulative gpa is 3.76; science, 3.72 (one B, the rest As - my undergrad school had a mean scale!). I have a year and a half of experience in an urban, level 1 trauma center SICU. By next application rounds, I'll have 2+ years experience. I have ACLS, PALS, and CCRN. I have't taken the GRE yet (was waived) but will take it for next year. Feedback on my interviewing skills has been positive. I've shadowed a CRNA. I would like to take an online grad level science course (any suggestions?).

So. What can I do to improve myself as a candidate over the next 6 months? Thanks!