My wife and I were trying to have a baby but NOT land a due date around the time the Duke CRNA program starts, simply so that we wouldn't have a hard time while were trying to move and/or sell houses before class starts in January.

We were married last year in September and tried from September to February and began giving up in March, so that the due date wouldn't make things very difficult. Well, that's when you get pregnant! It's always when you're not trying!

Anyway, our son's due date was Dec 22, but he decided it was time to come out last week and was born Nov 25th.

Luckily one of our houses sold in October (after slaving for 2 weeks to get repairs done) and most our stuff remains packed in my wife's townhome.

Thank you for your timing son! Now it won't be so difficult to move and he's an agreeable baby, only crying when he's hungry, got gas, cold, or pee/poo-ed his diaper.

Kieran Charles Alexander McMurray- that's a mouthful. Yeah, I'm black Irish!

he's almost as handsome as his father!