....... But it's only to nursing school :nurse: .. Tis true that i have a long road ahead of me still, but biting the bullet and taking this step is possibly the hardest personal barricade to cross. I've been talking about going to nursing school for a couple months now, met with different schools, heard about the wait lists, been weighing my options out....... And then I got the call, that I had been accepted into one of the ADN programs and could start as soon as April.

Soooo... April 5th 2010 begins my life altering, career changing process. My current plan is to hopefully transfer jobs in the hospital right now, to a part-time or PRN position so that I can really study my ass off and get the grades I know I should. When I graduate, get into an ICU at my hospital for a couple years experience while I finish up my BSN... Then begin the "application processes" until I finally get into CRNA school.. Probably looking at a 6-8 year plan right here, but I'm only 25 so I don't think I'm too for off the normal.. Trying to best prepare myself to get into "student mode".. I have been reading Echo Herons book, Intensive care and I absolutely love it.. I can not wait to begin nursing school and start living out my dream.