I have no doubt in my mind that I want to become a crna and believe that I have received excellent guidance in establishing a path to accomplishing that goal. Herein lies my dilemma... I'm not sure if it is the state of the economy or the fact that so many nurses lately are wanting to tackle crna school, that ICUs are losing money training new nurses or just nurses in general and losing them to crna programs in a short amount of time.

I can understand from a manager and educator's point of view about be skeptical in hiring new grads into a unit, but then that puts a roadblock in my plans. I should have prefaced my statement with the fact that I have no intensions of applying for a crna program with just the bare minimum experience to put on paper. I would like to be that well-rounded critical care nurse, that presents with more than just the "bare minimums".

I am finding that the facilities in my immediate area are not looking to hire and train new grads and therefore, getting into an ICU will be a time issue for me now. I can definitely get into a PCU, which I certainly can learn a lot from, but I won't be getting the critical care experience needed for entry into a crna program. Relocating is not an option right now, because of family responsibility, otherwise I'd seek employment in other areas of the country offering what I'm looking for right now.

My question is, obviously experience can never hurt an individual, but will it be frowned upon in my application if I am not hired immediately into an ICU upon graduation? I will undoubtably be progressing to the ICU once time and availability permit, but it does not look promising right now. I'm sure the PCU experience won't hurt me, but will it show that I did not know what I wanted to do reference becoming a crna?

I know this sounds pretty silly, but I do also understand that getting into a crna program is no easy task and I want to make myself a presentable candidate when the time comes for me to apply. Thank you in advance for the replies and advice. Sorry for the lengthy post...:Flush: