Hi all,

I have wanted to be a CRNA for many years now and have been working towards getting a solid resume so admissions committees won't laugh at my application :aargh4:

History: I graduated from university in 2001 with a BS in Biology. I paid my way through school and was dealing with a younger sister who was severely abusing drugs. I spent a lot of time dealing with that and not focusing on school. She committed suicide shortly after. Consequently, my GPA was 2.5. After some soul searching I went back to Nursing school. I got a 3.4.
I have worked 4 years in a level one trauma center (SICU and Trauma ICU), been charge, worked with swans, ECMO, rotaprones, etc.
I took PALS/ACLS, and have my CCRN.
I have shadowed 3 CRNAs, have great letters of rec, and an 1120 GRE.
I Aced 3 Nursing grad school courses (although none of them science).

Dilemma: If committees look at my science grades from undergraduate they will see 2 F's that were repeated for C's....and the rest of the science courses that are C's.
After undergraduate they will see Anatomy/Physiology/Microbiology that are A's.

I am not applying until June of 2009. I need some truthful advice. Do I show that I am an "adult learner" capable of succeeding in a CRNA program....or do I need to take additional science coursework to appear more credible?

I really want this and am looking for honesty. I want an admissions council to take me seriously. I know that 8 years ago I had some legitimate issues but I've worked on getting it together. I have 3 SRNA friends and 1 CRNA that keep telling me I should apply and am willing to do whatever it takes to get in.

Thanks for your help in advance.