Well - It's 00:30 - Working overnights on the good ole Turkey Day holiday...

I'm still on an "acceptance high" - knowing that a lot of work has begun to pay off these past 3 weeks.

But now what? - I still have 9-10 months until I officially start school... Work is still enjoyable - it's just a little more enjoyable now that there is a means to the end... I cannot wait to move from the bedside to the OR -
But...I spent the last year GRE'n it up, CCRN'n with Ms. Vonfrolio...applying, tracking down LoR's, building a CV that would impress, personal statement revisions...and revisions...and revisions...and of course interviewing which is no small task - Anesthesia has been on the mind non-stop...

For all those that have been through the process - is there anything you did (or didn't do) that if ya reflect, say, man I'm glad I did that (or holy crap why didn't I do that)?

What is the best/most constructive way to spend the time between acceptance and starting school...besides sitting back and enoying a cold one?
All the best!