After talking with several co-workers (CRNA and MDA) I have had heard both sides of this. Just thought I would toss it out here.

The patient is a 55y/o, h/o of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, HTN, remote crack smoking. (She has already had a TIPPS). She presents for an 08:00 cryoablation of a liver mass (No N&V this admission, NPO since 10pm the night before). After you get to CT and move her onto the CT table (before any meds [before you have her on the monitors]) she says she is felling sick and proceeds to sit up and barf up 400cc of coffee ground emesis. The interventional radiologist cancels the case, and calls GI.

The GI doc leaves the patient NPO and brings her up for an EGD at 2pm. She’s been NPO for 14 hours, yet barfed up 400cc at 0800. What’s your call – full stomach, or not?

Do you tube her for an EGD, or just give some sedation?