While I am still waiting to hear from Truman Med/UMKC, I was rejected from 4 schools (hopefully not 5) this year. While I worked very hard to get to this point, I realize now how much is encompassed in preparing for CRNA School and the level of competition that there is for this great field. While not getting into 4 schools does sting, it just makes me that much more anxious to improve myself and reapply next year. If not admitted I plan on enrolling in Chemistry II (I had a D in the lecture and Org. Chem II lecture), passing my CCRN, and getting the most CICU experience I can.

I created this thread to have those of you who were once in my shoes, or have ever felt the sting of being passed over or missing something you dearly wanted. Please share your stories, it truely give hope to all of us who are feeling what you once felt.

I just remember what a folks once told me when I was complaining about all the dirty work I had to do in the ICU and how I just wanted to be a CRNA.."Attitude is everything, and sometimes you have to do things you don't want to get what you truely desire"..

Thanks everyone.