Hey everyone,

I know there are multiple posts from wanna be SRNAs asking about their chances, etc. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but....

When I started by undergrad career I majored in Chemical Engineering and German. Yep. After two years of consistently destroying graphing calculators and only being able to say "ich mag lederhosen" I decided that wasn't what I wanted to do.

I transferred to the BSN program at the same school. Around this time my parental welfare ran out and balanced work and school as so many people do. So the goal was to get done with school as quickly as possible (CRNA school wasn't even a thought at the time)

Anyway, my nursing grades are fine. Mostly A's and B's, with a C or two. HOWEVER, my engineering classes (such as: Rocket Science, an integrated approach) where a C was reason enough to write home brought my GPA down to a...wait for it.... 2.89.

So should I take graduate level classes to improve?

While in engineering school, I worked prehospital. I worked ER in both pediatric and adult Level I trauma centers. I was a travel nurse at some major academic centers (in the ER) I have my CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse) ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, LMNOP (you get the drift) and I just started at a major academic referral center in the PICU. I plan on taking the CCRN (peds) in the summer.

I also volunteered in Honduras and was even asked to come back and help precept nurses in a clinic down there. One of the reasons I want to be a CRNA so badly is because I feel it is an excellent way to work in the global health arena, which I would like to commit my life to.

The hospital I work at (a major teaching hospital which I would like to stay at) has an adult med/surg ICU and a peds CVICU. I was thinking about transferring to one of these units after my year in the PICU. I was leaning towards adult experience, but I was told CVICU experience goes farther. Any ideas?

And if I did do adult ICU, should I go for the adult CCRN as well as the peds?

I'm sorry for the going on and on. I've been reading posts of people who appear to be way more qualified than myself not getting in. To be honest, I'm getting a little discouraged (okay, a lot discouraged).

Any thoughts, advice, would be super appreciated!