Seriously guys, I'm so done! I've been an RN 8 yrs, 7 in every type of ICU. "Burnt out" does not even describe it. I'm applying to Midwestern in AZ in June and if accepted, will start the following year. I'm counting down the months and trying to keep busy studying for CCRN, reading this board, and reading, "Basics of Anesthesia." I have shadowed, and talked to CRNA friends, etc. what else can I do? I hate to whine, but I know a lot of you felt the same way once as well. I just need to hear any bit of support, similar stories, or words of wisdom. I don't want to work my last 18-months (just signed an 18 month contract) in ICU being an angry and bitter b***h. I literally get out of report (that's a whole other subject...getting HORRIBLE report!) and have to tell myself to take a deep breath and relax. Heeeeelp!