I am applying to CRNA school now with 4 years level III NICU experience. I have read many discouraging posts saying that NICU experience isn't good enough for CRNA school so I have tried to really build up the rest of my application to make me a stronger applicant. I am a member of the transport team (get to intubate, put in lines, needle aspirate etc)-hoping this may help??? Also have CCRN, ACLS, PALS, and NRP certifications and shadowed CRNA.
For those who did it with only NICU experience, how well prepared did you feel you were for school? Also, I would like to know how the interview was for people with only a NICU background...From what I have read, it seems a lot of schools give tests/ask questions based on adult ICU content (balloon pumps, swans etc). How did you prepare for the interview?? Any advice, comments, opinions to help me out is appreciated!