My KU interview experience
My interview was at 1pm. I arrived an hour early because the room I had to find was through a maize of halways. Once I arrived at the NA office, I was one of 7 people and sat down in one of the chairs provided. Then they took my picture. After we nervously waited in the office, the dean came in 7 minutes early to see if everyone was ready yet. (BE EARLY). Then they took us accross the hall to a classroom like setting where we all sat in desks and had to take a 'test.' The test was three different questions and you had to choose one to answer, within ten minutes. They are testing to see if you can answer in the allotted time, grammar and spelling without spell check, use the space provided, and your handwriting. The question I answered was 'tell of a time when you had to go to your manager with an issue and how it was handled.' Then they introduced two first year students and one 3rd year student. These students stayed in that room with us the entire 3 hours. Refreshments were offered and the SRNAs started to answer our questions about the program, where to live, what a typical week is like, etc.

There are three panels, of which one person came to the holding room to call on each person until everyone had been to each room. One room was two 3rd year students, another room was 3 faculty members, and the other room was the Dean, an anesthesiologist and clinical assistant professor. In each room a lot of the questions were the same for each room:

Tell me about your ICU experience
How do you think this experience will help you become a CRNA?
Why do you want to be a CRNA?
Have you had a chance to follow a CRNA?
Do you think you will be able to be assertive enough to tell a physician what to do?
During long cases you may not have anything to do, are you ok with this?
I see you retook chemistry, tell me why you didn't do well the first time.
Have you participated in evidence based research at your hospital?
How are you going to handle being away from your family?
Are you going to stay here in KC after graduation?
Have you done any volunteer work?
Where do you want to be in five years?

When everyone had to been to all three rooms they gave us a little synopsis of the financial aid available. Then we were taken on a tour of the rooms and facilities we will use as an SRNA.
I prepared by practicing answers to sample interview questions I ran across in searching this site. I was way over prepared.
I know there were more questions; as I think of them I will post them in this thread...