Just curious... any of you CRNA's or SRNA's that had only PICU experience going into the interview?

I have 6 years PICU experience in a University setting. We do OR's, ECMO cannulations, decannulations, etc. in our patient rooms. We do the drugs while our fellows or attendings are in the room or close by.

I interviewed last week and found out that I'm the 1st alternate for the U of MN today. During the interview, the only thing I really could figure out that they questioned was my peds background. My current job involves both patient care in the PICU and doing research and quality improvement work (50/50 split)- which I thought would be a great fit for the DNP. The interview committee seemed to like the research piece.

In the end, I would love to do peds anesthesia. There are no programs for that specifically.

What are your opinions? Would you go to an adult ICU just to get in? Or are there many others that have been accepted with peds ICU alone?

Thanks so much in advance.