Final GRE scores for Fall 2010 Application are 970 (550 math, 420 verbal).....
I have been told by more than a few ppl to continue with my application because of my other stats:
-Alumni at first choice school
-overall gpa =3.57
-science gpa =3.75
-ICU exp. = MICU 4yrs, 5yrs at start of program (Level One Trauma
Center and main clinical site for first choice school)
-Charge nurse and preceptor
-shadowing in or
-LORS =Attending Physician of MICU, RN Coworker (who served as
interim nurse manager), and CRNA (who happens to be faculty at
first choice school
-Advanced Patho course with 87.8% (B)
I hate to think that I would be denied the interview for lacking 30 points.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!