One of our ENT surgeons has started using a local "concoction" for his Tonsillectomies...hadn't seen it before. Bascially is a mixture from pharmacy in 3cc syringes containing:
bupiv 0.125%,
lido 1% w/epi 1:200k,
fentanyl 3.385mcg,
clonidine 0.1mg.

He has always used the bupiv/lido w/ epi for local in past. Today did 3 of his T&A's and gave my usual narc's. Couldn't understand why my wake-ups were much longer than 10mins or so. By time I figured out he was using this newer regimen, he had left for the day. Gonna try and see what literature shows, but wondering if anyone else has seen this used? If so, have you seen any significant postop sedation?