My name is Andrew and i'm a pre-nursing sophomore at Ohio State. I changed my major spring quarter of my freshman year. i just wanted you to get some insight into different programs and share a little bit about my background, as this may help you to understand why i have these questions. I tried lusing the search tool and navigating the forum, but turns out i'm a total nube, but i'll get it down soon enough.

My mom was 21 when i was born, and put herself through nursing school, a single parent of 2, (younger sister) with no help from my father or her parents. She was forced to settle on getting her LPN. She gave up everything for us. No social life, no fun, just so we can live in a house and have food on the table everyday after baseball practice, working 50 - 60 hour weeks supporting 3 people. Reality hit me at an early age, and i had to take care of my sister and myself while she worked 16 hour shifts throughout the night and rested most of the day. She'd always tell me and my sister to do better, to be a doctor or an attorney, but my sister and I always wanted to be like our mom. She was an animal, i can't imagine myself busting my ass and wiping other peoples for 16 hours at a time.
So now i'm in college. I've decided to go into nursing after dabbling on AT, because i love sports, and it cost me my 1st year, however almost all my prerequisite's are done. My mother was the main influence on my decision. I've seen how her hard work has paid off, and she tells me all the time that patient satisfaction is reward enough for her. She's been waiting for my sister to graduate next so she can get her RN.
I've never taken chem in High school. some people ask me how i didn't and honestly i don't know what they're talking about. i have taken intro, bio, anat, and physics. I really regret not taking chem in high school because chem in college would be so much easier. I'm getting by though and seem to understand concepts fairly well. I'm eager to apply to the program.
Now for my questions. I sincerely apologize if these seem redundant, or if these are things i should know. But that's why i'm asking, i have no idea, and i'm curious. I'm interested in going to grad school, and i was just wondering if you could go from Ugrad Nursing, to Med School. Or, UGrad Nursing, to Masters, to Med School. Also, is there anyway one can get their RN and somehow become an Anesthesiologist? I'm just doing research now, and am interested in all these fields of practice, but i think i need more information. I appreciate your help and i'm sorry if i pissed anyone off in anyway, or made myself look stupid. Thanks -Andrew