Thanks for all of the advice you guys post here! I have a question regarding BSN programs. I can take a BSN at Florida Hospital College, which has advanced pharm and patho as two of their courses, as well as the other BSN stuff. They also have an MSN in Anesthesia program so I figured as one of my top picks, that would be a good place to go to school for my BSN, and then apply to their MSN program. However, I was speaking with Barry's PD, by the way Barry is another top pick, and he advised they do look at where you got your BSN (he stated if he has all Harvard grads and I had a BSN from Fl Hosp he would pick the Harvard grad). So I also have the opportunity to get my BSN at UCF, which all of their classes are community health and the traditional BSN route, but a university based program (no anesthesia). Both programs are online but it seems the Fl Hosp route would prepare me better, however I have it stuck in my head they would prefer a bigger university, however I could take a BSN attached to a school that has an anesthesia school and could help get me in one of my top picks....ugh. Any thoughts regarding this?

Thanks in advance for your time!