Hello all, I am new here, this is my 1st post and just wanted to say this forum has been extremely Informative.

My situation is a little different and just looking for a bit more advice on what exact path I should take to hopefully, God willing becoming a outstanding Nurse and then finally becoming a CRNA.

If you just want to find out what my question is skip the next paragraph and just go to the next one.

I am currently in the Marines with about a year left and deploying to Afghanistan in 3 weeks and have had the desire to go into the Medical field for 5 or so years but I didn't know for sure. Without going into a in-depth story of my life I'll try to be a bit brief. The job I currently am doing for the Marines is well... I know how to... whats a good way of saying this, well kill people really well. I have decided to get out after my 4 years and turn down my $87,000 Re-enlistment bonus and get out and start from scratch and 1st off try and get into a 4 year BSN program. (Currently looking at Concordia University of Portland OR which what I have heard about, is doing extremely well.) Just for those of you that are wondering why the life changing experience etc... I have got the chance to go to several TCCC (Tactical Combat Causality Care) Courses. Some other medical courses and I find all that stuff very interesting and it still has a side of Intensity to it and people are depending on you to make quick and life saving decisions.

What I am trying to find out is I know I want to become a BSN regardless if I end up becoming a CRNA or not. I definitely need to become a BSN 1st. Now that I decided to do that, I also want to make sure I don't close any future doors as well. Is their any schools out there that offer the whole package as in, go from getting your BSN 1st then getting your ICU experience then after you feel that you have enough experience applying for a CRNA program thats affiliated with the school you got your BSN from? Is that making sense I don't know re-reading that sounds a little confusing.

Any extra tips, words of advice and pretty much anything please feel free to let me know please.