Hey guys, feeling a little lost, depressed, and in a generally bad mood lately.

Quick history: graduated with BSN in December '07, worked everything but ECMO NICU for 8 months, and have been in a Level I Peds ER for the past 15 months.

Part of me has wanted to be a diabetes educator, part of me has wanted anesthesia. And yes, I know incredibly different but they both appeal to me equally for different reasons.

I've finally been offered the diabetes educator position I have been chasing for the past 5-6 months, but now it's a bitter-sweet feeling. I'm starting to feel like I might not want to do it after all. I plan on taking the job because I know I will regret it if I let it pass and wonder "What if?", but here is where it gets tricky.

I've been contemplating a move to a Level I SICU as well in the area, I'm just afraid I'll get my ass handed to me as I've been doing peds for so long. I'm a fast learner, have worked in a critical environment, just a different one.

I can't imagine I'd be any less qualified than someone with either one year med surg experience or entry level heading to the SICU.

I know this sounds like I'm both here and there but the main point is that I'm going to take the diabetes job (potentially) and then see where it takes me. If it's not for me after all, do you think that with some hard work I could pick my career back up in the SICU as a final push for CRNA school?

Thanks in advance, just having a really, really hard time right now.