When applying for CRNA school did anyone else find themselves frustrated?

It seems like every time I turn around something is going wrong. Here's the latest:

-Applied to UNCG online the first week of September
-Mailed official transcripts that week as well, they were delivered 9/9/09 per delivery confirmation
-Took GRE on 9/26/09
-Called UNCG 9/24/09 to get my student ID #, said they weren't showing my transcripts but not to worry it took a while for things to get put in
-Delivered application to RSNA on 10/9/09
-Had an appointment to meet with someone at RSNA on 10/16
-Got there only to find out she wasn't there, our appointment was on her calender
-Person I did speak with said they were waiting to get what they needed from UNCG before scheduling an interview
-Called UNCG, guess what...they can't find my transcripts:aargh4:

-Tried to fax unofficial copies this morning, number is not working:aargh4: , called for a different number and finally got them faxed
-Paid to have the official copies overnighted, $58.00

After all of this, by the time it takes UNCG to get my application processed all the interview slots at RSNA will probably be filled :aargh4: .

It's really frustrating! I guess it's like they say...Anything worth having is hard to come by. I just hope I don't miss out on the opportunity to get an interview.

Oh well I'm done venting...hope things are going more smoothly for everyone else. Have a great week!