Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone is planning on applying to UT Houston's CRNA program this year? The deadline has Acome and gone (October 1), and I was wondering if I have any fellow applicants out there crossing their fingers and toes like I am that we at least get an interview? If so, give me a shout out. Oh, and I want to give a special shout out to this forum and all the CRNA's, SRNA's, pre-SRNA's, RN's, etc. who share so much knowledge with all of us newbies. Thanks everyone, and best of luck to us all. Anyone interested in UT, come over and tell a bit about yourself. As for me, I work in the med. center in Houston on a busy cardiovascular recovery unit, my GPA is 3.8, got my CCRN, ACLS, PALS, etc., and hopefully that is enough to at least get me in the door. I will worry about my actual presentation to the panel once I get that great news. Anyone else care to share?